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Mt Emey

Mt. Emey is a well-known brand of medical professional orthopedic products registered in the world by Abbey Orthopaedic Shoes Company of the United States. It sells well in 19 countries and regions such as Europe and America.
Products and services involve children and adults foot and ankle orthopedics, diabetic foot, arthritis, foot atypia, sports injury, arthritis, foot trauma, polio, stroke, foot amputation, flat foot, high arch foot, internal and external eight and other foot and ankle disease prevention, rehabilitation and correction. Provide ankle and orthodontic products and services for all kinds of foot diseases including footwear and insole.
The following ankle products and services are available for foot patients and Abe Ajiangkang.

Semelle orthopédique pour adulte et enfant:

Maintaining insoles:

Specially handmade for unhealthy gaits acquired or congenital: flat feet (outer eight gaits) and high arched feet (inner eight gaits). Suitable for children and adults with relatively small amount of exercise, occasionally involved in sports, designed to stabilize the ankle, give the sole and arch of the foot with cushioning support. It can be divided into two types: economical finished products and customized foot molds according to the specific foot structure. It is usually made of hard EVA with strong support. Special insoles for prevention and health care of healthy and sub-healthy children and adults can be used for foot symptoms: flat foot (outer eight), high arched foot (inner eight); foot sole, heel, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spine, cocoon, wart, foot droop, ankle and toe stiffness, diabetic foot, hammer, claw, folded toes, thumb outside. Turn, gout, arthritis foot, skeletal variation, but also for the extra large, extra small, extra wide foot corresponding to custom-made special shoes.

Functional insoles:

designed for the prevention and correction of children and adolescents, and adults with congenital and acquired flat foot (outer eight gait) and high arch foot (inner eight gait), suitable for children and adults with a large amount of activity, participate in sports, designed to stabilize the ankle, give foot and arch with cushioning support. It is divided into two categories: economical finished products and customized foot molds according to the specific foot structure. It is generally made of hard HDPP material with strong support.

Nursing class insoles:

Nursing class insoles: mainly for severe flat foot, high arch foot, inside and outside foot, foot meningitis and serious foot disease specific foot problems, the use of specific materials and texture, according to pathological requirements and ankle doctor prescription customized.

Chaussure orthopédique pour adulte & enfant:

Basic style

Straight-line shoe last, divided into full-length, leisure, outdoor and other daily wear, its characteristics are each size at least three or more width to meet the requirements of different foot width and obesity space, than the normal market shoe depth increased by 3-6 mm, used to build different thickness and function of orthopedic insoles.

Special shoes for diabetic foot

In addition to the above features, seamless treatment is used inside the front face of the shoe to prevent the seams from causing friction on sensitive skin, generally equipped with a built-in special insole for diabetic foot.


For all kinds of sports and exercise activities, in addition to the above features, the same use of flat heels, flat soles, hard soles, suitable for all kinds of exercise, prevent sprain, plantar fasciitis and other sports injury.


In addition to the above features, designed for severe foot problems, suitable for inner eight (reverse last Shoes / boots), pointed gait and heel suspension (scaphoid belt shoes / boots), arch collapse (outside eight), edema (skin sensitivity).

Custom-made shoes/boots:

 If the finished orthopedic shoes/boots can not meet the needs of the foot patients, the foot model can be obtained according to the patient foot variation structure, customized according to their specific problems, to stabilize the ankle, balance the distribution of plantar pressure, correct gait.

The above orthopedic shoes/boots are made of genuine leather, durable Canberra Brie or/or pigskin lining, midfoot and hind legs reinforced, deeper than normal shoes, and at least three widths are available to meet the needs of infants, children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

 All products have an independent design and development team, consisting of podiatrists, ankle and foot orthodontists, orthodontists, prosthetics experts and sports physiology experts. The products are people-oriented, in line with the fashion trends and health concepts of modern society. The products have passed through the United States Federal Medical Insurance (MEDICARE/PDA). C) strict selection, assessment and certification.